The $867 billion Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 became law.  It legalizes cannabis. Well, not the marijuana you are probably thinking of, but the bill is the first real step the federal government has taken towards legalization in almost 50 years. Yes! It’s a big first step. The legal cannabis market is expected to hit $25 billion by 2021. Nearly two-thirds of Americans think marijuana use be legal. As legalization spreads and long-term fundamentals improve, the future of cannabis and hemp are unfolding right before our eyes. Let First Jersey Cannabis Group Corporation be your guide.  Learn more about the company. 


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Sustainable progression is the pathway to our future. FJC offers a practical framework to increase stockholders’ value, realize economic growth, and achieve the transformation of cannabis as a viable commodity for the welfare of society.

- Christopher Netelkos -

  Vice President CEO

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