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July 27, 2018

By moving to decriminalize marijuana New Jersey sets the ground rules to future state-mandated recreational use. Gurbir Grewal, the State’s Attorney General, issued a directive to all municipal prosecutors to adjourn all marijuana offenses until September 4.  Thus, all...

July 25, 2018

A New Jersey medical cannabis license is worth $2.5 million as a tier one value, based on the Subjective Probability Model (SPM). The value of infrastructure, identified as tier two, would add 1.7X to cost. Tier three, the actual revenue element, was calculated at 1.8X...

July 24, 2018

with marijuana laws in Massachusetts. Yes, that’s correct. Federal laws require medical users to waive their rights. This issue not only applies to Massachusetts, but to all states that legalized marijuana.  A declaration was issued in 2011 by the Bureau of Alcohol, To...

July 23, 2018

With an investment of $50,000 and a good idea in 2011, Acreage Holdings Inc. (AH) is worth today over $4.9 billion, and it's not even a publicly trading company.

Kevin Murphy made a lowly investment in Wellness and Pain Management Connection, a Maine based company that...

July 18, 2018

can be based on what the states are going to ensure that the cannabis industry becomes a trustworthy citizen and viable long-term economic engine.  As states’ markets mature the emerging industry will quickly transition to traditional business challenges such as operat...

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