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… what the other guys are going.

Following the trends with a snapshot peek offers an insight into the action: As regulations change, such as the rescheduling of CBD (no longer a Controlled Substance*) and Hemp in the United States, new business models are considered. With a broader industrial horizon, more smaller cannabis companies work towards up-listing to the OTCQB, NYSE and NASDAQ markets, making them more transparent to investors as well as reaping the benefits of opening themselves up to a broader investor base and gaining access to more capital. Thus, more Wall Street firms are looking at the sector. Back in February of 2018, Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) began to blaze the path in cannabis stock credibility by becoming the first cannabis company to be listed on the Nasdaq Global Market. In their release, Mike Gorenstein, CEO of Cronos Group said, "This up-listing to NASDAQ is a major corporate milestone and reflects the significant progress we have made in strengthening our corporate governance and expanding our global footprint. We believe this will increase long term shareholder value by improving awareness, liquidity, and appeal to institutional investors.” Since then, cannabis companies both small and large have been looking to follow in their footsteps. EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC:ETII) in a recent news release reported that it has commenced an audit to become a fully reporting company and transition to the OTCQB. The company’s subsidiary, CBD Health Co., a company that markets and sells high quality and proprietary hemp-based, natural CBD health products, has made inroads into the hemp-based pet supplement products market and further ambitions in the CBD market. Gaylord Karren, ETI’s President commented, “We have been transparent with our financial information but we have not to date committed to a formal audit, which we determined is the next logical step in our progression as a public company. We expect to complete our audit by the end of the first quarter of 2019, which will then allow us to move to the QB and expand our options in the public marketplace.” CannTrust Holdings Inc (CNTTF), one of Canada's leading, most trusted licensed producers of cannabis and the 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards "Top Licensed Producer of the Year," made a similar announcement recently that it has applied to list its common shares on the New York Stock Exchange. In their release Peter Aceto, CEO of CannTrust said, "CannTrust has firmly established itself as one of the top licensed producers in Canada with a global platform rooted in trust, science, and innovation. A listing on the NYSE is a natural step forward in our evolution as we look to broaden our investor base, increase the Company's exposure and expand our business on an international scale." More “eyes” on the industry means more liquidity for the sector. Even though market capitalizations are still out of whack with reality and historical norms, cannabis, and hemp investments have long term potential providing you understand the current risks. * Subject to challenge from the FDA.

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