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For the foreseeable future, we are suspending coverage of the cannabis industry and dedicate our pages to the coronavirus disease. Not to say that cannabis is abandoned, only to focus on a serious health risk that makes other activities dim by comparison.

Not a full-blown catastrophe, simply a serious situation that requires our full attention. From Trump saying it will pass within the month to dire predictions that the “plague” will end humanity as we know it; both sides are far from the truth. Granted, coronavirus disease officially expressed as “COVID 19,” is a major menace with each country attempting to untangle the true cause and ascertain a means to stop it, our GREENMARK 101 algorithm has been directed to offer an overview of the currents and express a point-of-view away from the political agenda.

It’s discouraging that the president began to acknowledge the gravity of the coronavirus only after his efforts at denial went nowhere and that even so important a speech on Friday included misinformation such as his claim that antiviral therapies would soon be available. And, of course, there was that familiar attempt to depict the virus as something foreigners were inflicting on Americans.

In the Soviet Union, Chernobyl proved to be a seminal moment for a system already on life support, hastened its demise. The handling of the coronavirus will have its time of reckoning too, and the pandemic is certain to leave a deep imprint on our history. Back in 1986, all such analyses began later, after the danger subsided. In the immediate aftermath, the questions were far more immediate, as they are today. Dare I go to work? How will we get food if we’re quarantined at home? Is my will up to date? Are we being told the truth?

GREENMARK 101 algorithm is dedicated to answering the last question -- Are we being told the truth?

Since we don’t possess the “expertness” to solve the cause and solve the problem with less than acute information, we need to step aside and accept the situation as an observer-participant. In this mode we must protect ourselves, family, friends, and community.

It has very unsettling times with the global financial markets garnering more attention than necessary, Trump has been reduced to a bystander. For weeks he resisted telling Americans the truth, reluctant even to call off his own campaign rallies even as he grudgingly acknowledges he would probably have to. Stall and Delay ploy may cost thousands of lives because of his political agenda. Indeed, Trump has left it to others to set the course in combating the pandemic and has indicated until Friday he was in no rush to take further action.

On Friday Trump changed course and centered a “social bailout” to protect the one-percenters and his political agenda, at the expense of others. His new approach would speed the availability of testing for the virus. His Stall and Delay approach is the culprit since virus testing could have happened three weeks ago by merely signing an Executive Order.

Trump's “public funding agenda” is to begin propping up a slumping economy, and will use newly printed U.S. dollars to protects his friends.

Trump must accept the consequences that the United States is being invaded. Two issues are essential: (1) Combat the enemy, and (2) Protect the citizenship.

  • Establish an independent central cleaning commission known a Project COVID 19 to find a cure for the coronavirus.

  • Organization of a country's production capacity and distribution.

  • Direct cash assistance to families.

  • Commission and mobilize indoor sport and media centers as administrative and treatment hubs.

  • Make substantial adjustments to our consumer production to accommodate pandemic production needs.

  • Determine how to allocate our resources in order to achieve success against the COVID 19, while also meeting vital domestic consumer demands.

Instead, Trump will execute an Executive Order or Formal Bill that does nothing to stop the pandemic.

  • Two weeks of paid sick leave and up to three months of paid family and medical leave. Enhanced unemployment benefits

  • Free virus testing including for those who lack insurance.

  • Additional food aid and federal funds for Medicaid.


GREENMARK 101 analytics suggests we must “rethink” traditional government stimulus efforts that focus on tax cuts or spending programs, and instead treat COVID 19 as an attack on our sovereignty by protecting our citizens and combat the enemy to win.

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