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The voters by a majority of 67% said “yes” to legal marijuana last November. Since then, Governor Phil Murphy has backpedaled like a virgin in a house of ill-repute. More noise has piled up to cancel out the expectations of the voters. Instead of structuring two separate bills, he directed the New Jersey Assembly to present a single omnibus bill that incorporated legalization with the convoluted and contentious elements of decriminalization.

Using a series of algorithms that identify human behavior with the analytics of cause and effect within the Game Theory spectrum, we concluded that Murphy should have known a controversy would ensue and a material delay in passing a comprehensive marijuana bill would be possible. This position was confirmed by competing ideas, numerous meetings, and material impediments to satisfying the various components within the bill and legislators to approve the amendments. Adding to the dilemma, Senator Gerry Cardinale, Republican of Bergen County, introduced a bill, S 3407, to allow adult possession of six marijuana plants. His belief, whether true or not, that homegrown marijuana would allow citizens of the state to save money and eliminate the high cost of commercial products. This is just one of many glaring examples of Murphy precipitating backpedaling.

From our computer models, we concluded that Murphy allowed the legislators to tinker with the demands of the voters. He purposefully complicated the process and set the stage for no commercial marijuana cultivation bill to pass in calendar 2021.

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