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Full marijuana legalization will become law in New Jersey as projected by GREENMARK AST algorithm and effective New Year’s Day, January 1, 2021.

The impact of marijuana on public health and the state’s economy will make New Jersey citizens 14.5% richer in true cashable terms in the first year of enactment and be a steady source of excise tax revenue for the state in the predictable future.

New Jersey would be the 12th state, and the first state in the Northeast Corridor, the richest zone in the United States, to constitutionally amend the law to legalize recreational possession and use of marijuana.

With the approval and the issuance of licensing, Greenmark AST foresees first-year sales in the $475 million to $640 million range; anticipates 2024 sales in the $1.3 billion to $1.7 billion range.

JOIN US… and be part of the action.

When was the last time someone handed you $1 million?

GREENMARK may have a way to do just that!

We are seeking New Jersey-based joint venture partners. Send us an e-mail at info@fjcannabis.com. From hands-on participators to passive investors, we are open to your ideas. Only one proviso: Need to be a citizen of New Jersey.

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