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Amsterdam Bans Marijuana Smoking on Streets of Red-Light District

Marijuana smoking in public bans appear to be the next trend in its development and one that will have a significant ramification. Our G-101 algorithm projects “marijuana use will create a backlash in public” will reduce general consuming by 20% and a major hot bottom issue to the bottom line of cultivators who have experienced shrinking profit margins caused by its partners – state regulators what are worse than the mafia for demanding more than their fair share.

The new regulations, which will take effect in mid-May, were introduced in response to complaints from residents about disruptive tourists. The red-light district in Amsterdam. New regulations that come into effect in May will target crowding, disruptive behavior, and noise in its most famous district.

Amsterdam will soon ban the smoking of marijuana on the streets of its popular red-light district, according to rules introduced on Thursday that are aimed at cracking down on the noisy tourists that local residents have long complained about.

“This should reduce the nuisance caused by drug use in public spaces, particularly by tourists,” Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam said in a statement. The rules, which will further limit alcohol sales in the area, are set to go into effect in mid-May.

The mayor’s statement said that residents of the red-light district, a hub for legal prostitution in Amsterdam, have been “excessively bothered” by crowds and nuisance caused by mass tourism and substance abuse on public streets. The atmosphere in the old city has become especially grim at night, when drunken tourists, loitering in the streets, compromise the safety and the ability of residents to live there undisturbed, the statement said.

Amsterdam, like other European capitals, has struggled with how to make itself a vibrant hub for international tourists while also being safe and quiet for residents. The Dutch capital, known for its centuries-old canals, art scene, restaurants, and historic buildings, has also attracted tourists because of its liberal attitude toward prostitution and drug use.

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