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Press Releases

February 03, 2020

The Company announces the transfer of assets to GREENMARK CORPORATION and forms three divisions.

The Company announces the transfer of its Cannabaceae-centric assets, including proprietary technologies and associated brand names to GREENMARK CORPORATION. The transaction completes the initiative declared on February 05, 2019. Only recently was the year-long period effective when the Company received positive news from the U.S. Department of Agriculture approving New Jersey's plan to allow farmers in the state to begin growing and producing hemp and hemp products. Under the consolidated business model, the acquired assets will function under the division – FJ Cannabis Group and be integrated with FJC Cultivation and Greenmark Hemp Testing & Tracking Company.

February 05, 2019

The Company announces name change to FIRST JERSEY CORPORATION and sale of its marijuana assets.

The Company announces name change to FIRST JERSEY CORPORATION and sale of its marijuana assets.  The cancellation of plans to obtain a marijuana recreational use license in the state of New Jersey eliminates numerous conflicts, onerous and complex issues that have placed, not just us, but all U.S.A. based companies at risk. By taking a step back and allowing time for the federal government to accept the mandate of many states that removed marijuana as an illegal drug, we are able to conserve valuable resources and still be able to execute our long-term objectives.  Accordingly, our business model is modified to hemp-centric with emphasis on: (1) cultivation and creation of products for distribution and reselling to outlets and the public, (2) brand creations and acquisitions, (3) joint-ventures, licensing and franchising of brands, (4) wholesale and retail florist and (5) third party cultivation engagement facilities for hemp, cannabis and non-cannabis products.

December 03, 2018

FJC National Branding to enter the Massachusetts market

FJC National Brandings, the operating division of First Jersey Cannabis Corporation, announces plans to introduce for the Massachusetts market two products within 12-months – Boston Stout™ and Gangster Jack™. Boston Stout is low in alcohol and high in THC, with beautiful roundness and a touch of roasted pine nuts.   The dry Stout is silky and well rounded, perfect for an evening of food and drink. Gangster Jack cigars will be hand rolled in Massachusetts as a medium-bodied, luxury-class blended with artisan marijuana, Honduran Jamastran and Panamanian long-fillers, Sumatra binder, and semi-sweet Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper cured to a dark, shimmering patina. The formula will produce an ultra-smooth and creamy smoke laced with spicy, and marijuana notes to finish with a hint of richness on the palate.

The Massachusetts launch is the Company’s first efforts to establish national brands on the state level as additional states allow recreational cannabis use.  Our cannabis infused beer brands – Talladega Sleek Bock, New Orleans Station Pilsner, KIND Stout, One Pint Green Ribbon Ale, Marijuana English Mead, Marijuana Orchid Ale, Marijuana Fizzy, Marijuana Micro Brew, and Rudolph Red Gose – are the products that will be individually or collectively marketed on a state by state basis. 

November 14, 2018

Company announces merging of its branding activities and R&D efforts to form FJC National Brands.

Company announces merging of its branding activities and R&D efforts to form FJC National Brands as a fully operational subsidiary. While our marijuana cultivation facilities are in transition, we plan to fast-track our direct distribution and marketing channels with product introductions and brand name licensing to accelerate revenue. FJC National Brands will coordinate experimentation in cultivation and cloning techniques by manipulating the cannabis plant to enhance its positive features and reducing its negative characteristics. By establishing a complementary business strategy, we can accelerate the marketing of our transnational brands of recreational cannabis cigarettes (non-tobacco), cigars (non-tobacco) and infused marijuana products with hemp-based merchandise. Under this formula, our vertical integration model includes specialty cultivation, products and services development, online and conventional marketing, distribution and licensing activities.

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