Located in Egg Harbor City, First Jersey Cannabis Corporation follows a multi-brand strategy based on creating economies of scale at the central level; while keeping cultivation of cannabis and hemp activities as "branded products” separate and run independently.  This multi-brand approach leverages both on centralization for certain aspects of the business (collaboration among the brands, economies of scale, better supply chain, shared branding initiatives) and decentralization for others (allow rapid decision making), preserve the unicity of each brand to keep its creativity high).  Under this business model, we have isolated sic categories that function openly and in unison to each other.

  • Primary and engagement source of cannabis and hemp cultivation.

  • Maintains a portfolio of proprietary technologies and intellectual property rights for cannabis and hemp products, commercial use formulas and data gathering.

  • Provides financial, technical and construction services.

  • Principal brand holder, joint venture marketer, product distributor and agent of owned and managed service marks, trade names, domain names, mask works, and logos.

  • Supports a research and development test kitchen.


FJC FACILITY AND ENGAGEMENT PROVIDER – Ideal for primary and contract cannabis cultivation, our facilities in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, include outdoor cultivation tracks, greenhouses, warehouses, and processing buildings. We plan to expand our third-party engagement provider capabilities to all states, which sanction cannabis sales and distribution.


FJC ADMINISTRATION AND DEPLOYMENT SERVICES - We offer a complete facility design, construction management, and operations deployment services to business owners and principal investors. From cannabis facility design, construction management, facility equipment sourcing, staffing solutions, deployment of cultivation operations, to development of dispensary activities, regulatory compliance and inspections, we offer the total package as a one-stop provider.  In these capacities, we are either principal contractors or engage subcontractors on the clients’ behalf.


CANNABIS NATIONAL BRANDS - Our primary operating unit functions as Performing in conjunction with FJ BRANDING AND MARKETING, it provides the operating platform of the proprietary brands.


HEMP NATIONAL BRANDS - Our primary operating unit functions as Performing in conjunction with FJ BRANDING AND MARKETING, it provides the operating platform of the proprietary brands.


FJC BRANDING AND MARKETING - Our full-service component   includes (1) podcast development, (2) website enhancement, (3) local search, (4) search engine optics (SEO) experts tailored marketing strategies and marketing automation, (4) reputation management and accountability, (5) photography/videography showcasing, (6) social media campaign and programs, (7) graphic design facilities, and (8) app development unit.


ALICE HOMESTEAD’S TEST KITCHEN – Our test kitchen capability is to process and develop new kinds of food and craft new recipes.  Operating under the name –, it creates recipes that can replicate into commercial products.  The faculty also act as evaluator and sampler for third-party participants.

First Jersey Capital Corporation (“FJCC”) – Initially established as a financial depository to access physical cash, our wholly owned subsidiary is chartered in the state of New Jersey. Out of necessary, FJCC monitored the disparity between local and national marijuana laws relating to federally licensed banks and gathered corollary data, which became the foundation of numerous platforms for the entire marijuana and hemp industries. FJCC’s function has evolved into an information and document gathering bureau.  This large data-pool and algorithms has become a vital asset and monetized.

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