December 20, 2018


committing $50 million on a research partnership with Tilray Inc.


(TLRY) to explore non-alcoholic beverages that contain THC and CBD - both critical chemicals found in marijuana but with very different purposes. AB InBev (BUD), one of the world's largest brewers, is making a token investment. As part of the deal, each company will pitch in $50 million, with Tilray taking part through its subsidiary, High Park Co., which develops, distributes and sells cannabis products in Canada. The research partnership will explore non-alcoholic beverages that contain THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana the produces the high, while CBD is non-psychoactive and blocks the high.
Kyle Norrington, president of AB InBev's Labatt Breweries of Canada, said, "We intend to develop a deeper understanding of non-alcohol beverages containing THC and CBD that will guide future decisions about potential commercial opportunities."


Makes sense since beer sales have flattened and the long term potential of marijuana and hemp products as beverages is at the begin of their life cycle.  Our FJ National Brands unit has 13 brands and counting in various stages of product formulation and market launch -


                                    NINE DOWN ™

                                    ONE PINT GREEN RIBBON ™

                                    KIND BEER ™

                                    SPARKY McCALL’S DARK MALT  ™

                                    TALLADEGA SLEEK ™

                                    NEW ORLEANS STATION ™

                                    BOSTON STOUT ™

                                    MARIJUANA ENGLISH ™

                                    MARIJUANA ORCHID ™

                                    MARIJUANA FIZZY ™

                                    MARIJUANA MICROBREW ™  

                                    RUDOLPH RED ALE  ™

                                    MARIJUANA GREEN LIGHTNING ™

                                    …and others.


All our brands are trade market notification and domain names registered.


“Step aside BIG BUD, we are ready to challenge your parade.”



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