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Response -- No Limits on THC

To be fair and offer equal access to our NEWS PAGES, the statement by Mike Lags is presented. To date our BEWARE article -- Set the Potency Limits on Marijuana Products, received numerous responses with our position claiming a narrow majority. For your consideration --- the response to our REWARD article from Mike Lags.

"I am addressing this email to the CEO of this company. The news article I just read on Asbury Park Press about limiting the amount of THC in Marijuana is a complete JOKE. I question the scientific nature of that article, why? Because there is absolutely no scientific evidence showing that THC is addictive. Do you know that THC effects all humans differently and also that THC levels are not the same throughout an entire plant? Do you know testing the top of a plant and the bottom will give you entirely different levels? Do you know that people who are actually educated know not to shop for weed based on THC percentages? We shop based on whatever makes us feel good, what tastes good, what burns good, etc.

"The reason why you have "limited success" in bringing this issue to light is that IT IS FALSE !! The fact that you are comparing beer to marijuana shows me nothing but incompetence on your part. Comparing marijuana to beer is an insult to the millions of people who have lost their lives due to one or another kind of alcohol abuse, which has been time and time again proven to be a REAL detriment to society.

"Marijuana is more potent today because of the knowledge people have gained over the last 20+ years about how to grow this plant more efficiently. The information is out there for everyone to use unlike in the 90's. In the 90's you had to get lucky and happen to know someone who knows someone who was growing weed to even get your foot in the door in that world. And the people that were growing weed in the east coast were not doing it properly, they were growing dirt weed that was not up to the standards of today.

"Do you really know what limiting recreational weed to 10% THC will do? It will ensure the black market will continues to thrive because not one person is dumb enough to spend $60 on an 1/8th of low quality weed. Limiting THC percentage is half way communist, and real smokers will not be any part of that at all. You should be aware that more forms of cannabis exist that exceed way, WAY past 10%. Oils and concentrates can sometimes test up to 95% !!!

"The marijuana community is not like anything else out there. You cannot come out here and spew lies about marijuana and not expect to get utterly shut out by the public. Marijuana is made by the people, for the people. The people of NJ, who have been waiting for this day to come for YEARS, will not be held back by some ill-advised statement about THC levels, written by someone who presumably does not even smoke !!

"If you continue to spew this kind of polluted, propagated information, enjoy even LESS success than you already have.

"Feel free to write back.

"In the meantime, educate yourself. "

On February 26, 2019, we posted BEWARE article -- Set the Potency Limits on Marijuana Products.

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