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How to Make a Small Batch of THC Strips

From our affiliate Canadeen Corporation, this THC cannabis strip formulation R-127A-b demonstrated superior disintegration and dosage when entering the oral cavity. MOOD DIALERSTM will not use R-127A-b since it was designed for limited batch use and not conducive for full scale manufacturing. The formula does not include enhanced flavoring, except mint oil.

Ingredients: 22.4 grams pullulan 1.0-gram carrageenan 0.15 grams xanthan gum 0.15 grams of locust bean gum 0.8 grams sorbitol 71.85 grams of water 2.5 grams emulsified mint oil 0.5 grams herb extract (not THC) 0.3 grams aspartame 0.25 grams of citric acid Microencapsulated THC extract (liquid THC)

Directions: (1) Measure pullulan, carrageenan, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, sorbitol, aspartame, and citric acid into a large mixing bowl. Mix well. While stirring, slowly pour water into the bowl. Continue mixing until you’ve created a gel. (2) Add emulsified mint oil, herb extract, and THC extract. Combine ingredients until everything is homogeneous. (3) Cover loosely (doesn’t have to be airtight) and store overnight. (4) Pour on a baking pan and spread to desired thickness. (5) Dry in an oven set between 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 175 degrees Fahrenheit until the mixture is dry to the touch (about 3-8% moisture). (6) Remove the large sheet from the pan, let it cool, and then cut into small strips or press into pods. note: The article is presented for information only to answer the many inquiries we received. All ingredients are available, but a few are difficult to locate and expensive. Thickness, dryness, THC contents are trial and error issues that are resolved by repetition and skill to produce a viable product.

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