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Marijuana legalization in New Jersey remains a hot topic, one which occupied over 200,000 words over the last three years. Not just the noise from Trenton, but anything cannabis. A significant focus was on "best guess" scenarios using our Subjective Probability + Game Theory Model (SP+GTM) algorithm. We received thousands of comments, barking in most part of the ridiculousness of its conclusions, especially from pro-marijuana supports within the state and investment bankers, promoters, etc. from elsewhere. Last June, SP-GTM declared the probability that the state legislator will be unable to secure the votes needed to legalize recreational marijuana and the matter refers to a voters referendum in 2020. Now what? For advocates and opponents of New Jersey marijuana legalization, the announced that the legal weed bill was essentially dead proved SP+GTM is the best analytical tool with a "Best Guess" accuracy rating of 77.46 percent on 1276 attempted since 2010. Indeed, the performance in predicting the likelihood for a recreational cannabis bill being past before 2019 saved to date over $50 million in actual costs for development, legal, administrative and related fees, with possibility $35 million more in dark money campaigning. As for us, we kept our powder dry and saved millions. By not chasing the marijuana rocket, First Jersey Cannabis Corporation maintains its business model without the added burden other cannabis companies are carrying in operating losses. Thank you SP+GTM!

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